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Top 20+ Options for Customizing Mercedes-Benz Beautiful, Newest 2021

Top 20+ Options for Customizing Mercedes-Benz Beautiful, Newest 2021

Today, the story of customizing cars in general and customizing luxury cars in particular is no longer rare in Vietnam. Upgrade service  helps car owners to own a different Mercedes version from the old model. At the same time, it is possible to keep up with the trend of playing new cars in the most economical way.

1. Apple Carplay Mercedes

Mercedes’ utility feature, allowing to connect phone lines Iphone, Android with the car. It can use many functions such as: Listening to phone calls in the car, using Google Maps, watching Youtube, listening to music via Iphone …

2. Body kit Mercedes C Class C63

The most popular product for Mercedes C200 C250 C300 AMG models who want to customize Form C63s AMG with a fairly cheap cost. With high quality PP plastic material and 100% fit, it is easy to install on Mercedes C Class cars.

3. Body kit Mercedes G63 Brabus

The G63 version of the body kit on Form Brabus has become more and more bunker. Quality products for real gamers. Bringing a level of Brand Brabus different from current Brabus Mercedes G63  versions.

4. Body kit Mercedes S Class up to Maybach

The modification of  Maybach’s body kit  for Mercedes S400 S450 S500 W222 brings a completely new and classy physique to the car. It also uses high-quality  PP plastic , so customers can rest assured of the product’s material.

5. Perfume atomizer + negative ion

A set of quality products at a reasonable price, including 13 noble Mercedes perfume scents and a negative ion bacteria eliminator for good air quality. A product for successful entrepreneurs.

6. Mercedes tire pressure sensor

Tire pressure sensor displays tire pressure parameters and tire temperature, allowing the driver to monitor tire pressure through the vehicle’s taplo screen, and accurately warn where the tire is under-inflated due to nail or air. short.

7. Camera 360 Mercedes

360 camera allows the driver to see all 360 degrees around the vehicle when encountering obstacles or when reversing. The system displays the camera on the center screen of the vehicle and sends out a warning signal if there is an obstacle next to, in front of or behind the vehicle.

8. Blind Spot Warning

Safety feature for the driver, blind spot warning of the rearview mirror: when there is an obstacle in the mirror’s blind spot, the system will display a red exclamation point warning on the taplo meter and on each mirror. Drivers rely on it to safely drive or change lanes.

9. AMG . Key

The AMG key is like a jewelry adorning the sophistication and class of the car Mercedes, the AMG key is prioritized by many customers who own Mercedes cars from 2013 to 2019 models.

10. Mercedes tuabin turbine air-conditioning vents

The turbine air vent is inspired by a miniature airplane wing, helping to create a cooler airflow from the air conditioning system along with a sophisticated and beautiful design. An indispensable product when customers want to upgrade the car’s interior system.

11. Mercedes door

Mercedes inhaler helps customers solve the problem of forgetting to close the door often encountered, avoiding hand clamp as well as avoiding damage to the door after a period of use. We don’t need to close the door with a “bang” anymore, just push the door slightly.

12. Handsfree Access Mercedes

The trunk kick function is extremely useful for Mercedes C GLC ES Class models manufactured from 2013 to 2021. When you are carrying heavy items with two hands, it is difficult to get the key to open the trunk, now You just need to lightly kick the trunk and it will automatically go up and kick it again to close the trunk.

13. Mercedes S Class lights of Maybach

The Maybach lighting system uses  Digital Light  technology to replace  MultiBeam LED  allowing optimal lighting performance. The system automatically adjusts each light beam intelligently to limit the glare of passersby.

14. Multi Color 64 LED interior lights

With 64 color LED interior trim lights, your car is like a mobile bar, inspiring artists for users. Relieve Stress after stressful working days, with 64 LED colors allowing car owners to mix colors in the most vivid way.

15. Seat Ventilation Mercedes

Like an expensive massage chair, it is integrated on the Mercedes. Help users relax more, focus on driving efficiently and safely. With fan cooling in summer as well as heating in winter, it ensures the health of Mercedes owners. The product is customized on the Mercedes C E S GLC GLS GLE Class lines

16. AMG . Interface

The beautiful interface of the AMG tuner helps to synchronize the AMG logo on the taplo clock and the center screen. We cannot turn a regular Mercedes into an AMG without this feature.

17. Mercedes-Benz Burmester Speaker

Burmester speakers bring the world into your car, with 38 speakers equipped on the car that is the most advanced audio technology from Mercedes to date. The most realistic sound quality, the best product for music enthusiasts.

18. Mercedes S Class wheels Maybach độ

Genuine Maybach S560 20-inch products fit nicely for Mercedes Benz S and E-Class cars, if you go to S Class W222, just put it on and it’s beautiful without changing to another tire

19.  Keylessgo Mercedes door handle

Genuine Mercedes products, including installation and coding at Tam Thu Workshop. With four door handles integrated with smart fingerprint sensors, allowing to lock or unlock the car with just one touch.

20. AMG . steering wheel

With Alcantara leather material, it has a sporty, sophisticated and beautiful design with the AMG logo that gives a different driving feeling than a regular steering wheel. The AMG steering wheel has integrated touch controls for volume, voice, Cruiser Control system…

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